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Shud'ah, cud'ah, wud'ah

It sounds like "shud'ah" but it's really "should have" or "should've."
It sounds like "cud'ah" but it's really "could have" or "could've."
It sounds like "wud'ah" but it's really "would have" or "would've."

Let's look at the expression "would like to." "Would" is, of course, one of the eleven modal verbs in the English language.

We use the expression "would like to" to express a wish or to give and accept an invitation.

Look at these examples:

Would you like to go to the movies?
Yes, I would. I like (love) going to the movies.
Great. Where would you like to meet?

Taco Bueno - five dollars and thirty-seven cents


That's what the kid behind the counter at Taco Bueno said to me. I dug into my pocket and pulled out some lint and two dimes and something that used to be a Jolly Rancher. Having already handed the kid a five-spot, I started to head back out to the truck to grab some change when the kid with the Emo hairdo said the harshest thing anyone has ever said to me. He said, "It's OK. I'll just give you the senior citizen discount."

What's the SCHWA?

There are 52 sounds in the English language. Some are heard more often than others. Which one is heard more than any other? Of course, the SCHWA!

So how does the SCHWA sound? It sounds like "uh." You will find the sound in many words, particularly in the definite and indefinite articles: "the" and "a."

The SCHWA sound is made by slightly opening the mouth and punching yourself in the belly (not too hard but hard enough to force air out of your mouth). Native English speakers will pronounce "the" as if it were spelled "thuh." And "a" becomes a natural SCHWA ... "uh."

The 12 English tenses

There are 12 English Tenses. Can you name them and give examples? I'll give you a hint:

There are four categories and three items in each category. The "Simple Tenses" is one category. It contains the Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense.

Only 9 to go!

Teaser: Which is correct? The "Simple Tenses" is one category. Or, The "Simple Tenses" are one category.

Improving your vocabulary

The following article is from the English Club. If you haven't already joined, do it now. It's FREE! Go to

Question: What are some ways to improve my vocabulary other than reading books and newspapers?

Answer: Many learners refuse to believe that they can learn to enjoy reading in English. The truth is, if you don’t learn to love reading in general, you will have a more difficult time improving your vocabulary long-term. Instead of giving up on books and newspapers you may need to find ones that are more appropriate to your level.

Out of touch; out of mind


Will be out of touch for awhile until I can get set up in my new digs in Thailand. I am are departing Sunday the 7th and hope to return around the end of March. Thanks, and,

Stay Warm

Dan (Moderator)

learning vocabulary

Check out this site:


The average US high School graduate has command of 16,000 English words. The above site is a good place to start.

Learning prepositions

A preposition expresses a relationship between a noun (or pronoun) and some other part of the sentence.

It usually tells us where something is.

with, out, in
under, over, around


A preposition is used with a noun or pronoun.
• The child ran around the snowman.
• Jack and Jill went up the hill.

However, the same words are adverbs in the following statements:
• Let's take a walk around.
• My lucky number came up.
• He came over to me.

They are adverbs because they tell us about the verb.

Colloquial Speech

Colloquial reductions and liaisons:

The following expressions are examples of what you hear on the street. See if you can recognize the expressions and write them as you would see them in print. Try to pronounce them several times before you decide on the correct words.

Example: I gotta go now. = I have got to go now.

1. Gimee it 

2. I gotta git go’un. 

3. Wanna dance?

4. Lemme in!

5. Al letcha know.

6. Dija du it?

7. Al meecha layder.

8. When ju geddit?

9. Where’s the waatchamacallit?

10. I cuda bina contender


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