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7 aches

7 Aches

You probably know the word "ache". It can be a verb or a
noun, and means "to hurt" or "a pain". We sometimes combine
the word "ache" with parts of the body. For example, if our
back hurts, we say that we have "backache" or "a backache".
We do *not* do this with all parts of the body. For example,
we cannot say that we have a "handache". There are really
only five parts of the body that we combine with "ache".
They are shown below, plus two other words that we use in a
slightly different way.








It's a Dreadful Language

Try to correctly pronounce these 'highlighted' words.

It is indeed a dreadful language.

1. I take it you already know
2. Of 'tough' and 'bough' and 'cough' and 'dough'?
3. Some falter (but I think not you)
4. On 'hiccough', 'thorough', 'trough' and 'through'.
5. Well done! And now you wish, perhaps,
6. To learn of less familiar traps?

7. Beware of 'heard', a dreadful word,
8. That looks like 'beard' and sound like 'bird'.

English proverbs

A 1st grade school teacher presented each child in the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. Their insight may surprise you. While reading, keep in mind that these are 6-year-old first-graders. The last one is a gem!

What's a "proverb?" Do you know? You have them in Russian too. After you read the answers from the children try to think of the English proverb's real ending.

Example: 7. No news is ... Good news.

Don't change horses
until they stop running.

Strike while the
bug is close.

Tips to Improve Your English Pronunciation

These days, the English language is being used as a secondary or second language by many non-native speakers around the world. Since English has gone on to become the language of choice for communication between the people of different countries, it is a good decision to learn English as a second language.

The primary benefit of English language is that it is easy to learn. It is made easier if you're able to find proper resources to learn English.


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