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This Week's Lessons

Guess which words fit in the blanks to complete each key sentence. Answers are at the bottom!

1. How do you describe food that's not spicy and not flavored?

“They're a little ___, don't you think?”

2. What do you say about an object that reminds you of good old memories?

“Hey, come on! That has ___ ___ to me!”

3. Use this expression to communicate surprise:

“___! Look at the size of that rock!”

4. Explain a number that's smaller now than it used to be.

“We're ___ ___ only 3 people now.”

5. How do you explain that small expenses eventually become a large amount of money?

“Yeah, it ___ ___.”

6. This means "incorrect ideas".

“Americans have a lot of ___ about us.”

The Answers!!!

1. “They're a little bland, don't you think?”

2. “Hey, come on! That has sentimental value to me!”

3. “Whoa! Look at the size of that rock!”

4. “We're down to only 3 people now.”

5. “Yeah, it adds up.”

6. “Americans have a lot of misconceptions about us.”


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