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            “Brother 2” is a Russian film, and, in name, a sequel to 1997's Russian crime thriller Brother. I chose this film to write about because it is familiar to my Russian ethnicity and tells a lot about conflicts in society in America. The movie was made as a response to anti Soviet propaganda. It is very popular among Russian people. An actor who played a role of an ordinary Russian guy as a protagonist was very popular but under some sad circumstances he found his end during the making of another movie in the mountains and was hit by an avalanche. A lot of Russian people still remember him and love his roles, including “Brother-2”. Thus, this film is interesting and there are a lot of things to learn from it. Furthermore, it involves such an aspect to consider as inequality: gender, economic, racial, and ethnic.
            Issues the movie concerns about are racial and ethnic inequality. In criminal life people try dominate above a different race, discriminate according to people’s ethnicity or race. It is shown in a conflict between Russian, Ukrainian, American, African-American mafias as example. American mafia thinks it rules and controls all other mafias because it owns all the money and all other mafias are minority to the American one. However, such thinking is an error according to mafias from different nationalities. In the movie, Mr Mennis was offered as a main American gangster, a new Al Capone but white American. His role in the movie is to show today’s face of American mafia and that he was mistaken in his power over other mafias. This is a sort of racial stigmatizing according to labeling theory. Also, when a protagonist had problems with local black gangsters because he took away a Russian prostitute from their power, the black guys showed all the neglect and disrespect to him, calling him “snowflake”. Black gangsters hated whites and stayed in-group to control a particular block of a city. As a result, Danila just killed them all with no doubt and coldly.
            Secondly, economic inequality is also an aspect which is considered in the film. Apparently, creators of the film clearly show the connection of power and money among mafias and ordinary people. Ordinary people are easily vulnerable to be killed just for money. But in opposite, the creators tried to say that power is not in money. This is expressed in one episode of the movie when two brothers argue about what power is.
            “What’s its power, brother? (A popular expression from this movie)
            -It’s money! Money rules the world! Whoever has the most of it is the strongest!
-            What would you do with all money? I’d buy everybody!
            -Even me? His brother said nothing…”
            Strictly saying, two brothers argue about values. But in general, they talk about economic inequality. Seems like today, people who have money can do whatever they want: to evade crime, corrupt, bribe, if needed and live a happy life. Why do people think if they own lots of money they are allowed to decide whether to kill or leave alive a person? This is the main message in the movie. The reason why Danila came to the U.S., to avenge his friend’s death, who was killed in Russia for money by an order of Mr. Mennis. Where is the truth? Economic inequality here is in individual power level and consequence. The power is in truth according to the protagonist.
            The film teaches people to differentiate from money, power, and the truth. As a matter of fact, money is not the main thing in life. Money will never buy a love, friendship, pure relative relations, and stronger is who is right. “You’ve got lots of money, so what? Truth is a real power. Who is right is strong. You cheated on a man and took away his money. Did it make you stronger? No, it did not. Cos you are not right. And the person you cheated on is right. That means he is stronger!” Mr Mennis had to agree with him because he was defeated by the truth. Also, the film offers to consider different points of view of the criminal world. This is one of my favorite movies as well because it implies a patriotic idea:)


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