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Good day to everybody! I

Good day to everybody! I have only one small wish - to organize an English club to practice oral speech. This is a real problem for lots of English speakers. Maybe I have missed something, but I havent any info about such society)

Hi Degira, Admin is right,

Hi Degira,

Admin is right, it is quite hard to organize and English club where you could practice oral speech. Most of the services available on the net are only for chatting. Skype (www.skype.com) had that kind of feature before but they removed it since it was not successful. However, if you are persistent in practicing oral speech, you may want to converse with people here in the forum and after sometime you could exchange contacts and start speaking to each other. Hope this could be a good idea.

hello,Degira.I think your

hello,Degira.I think your wish and idea are nice.But how do you imagine it.In my opinion needed a person(maybe a teacher) who will correct in right time.Also I think he(she) won't agree to help for free.So if you really want to organize this club you should think very well.Sorry,it is only my opinion.

Hi, I'm Tatyana. Nice to

Hi, I'm Tatyana.

Nice to find out english site in Tomsk. I have little practice in English, in general, few meetings with my scottish friend. I'm not sure is my English enough correctly. Think, not yet :-)). But I like it very much and wish to learn farther.
Will be great to have chat and maybe, alive communication with similar people.
Please, I have a question: My result test 31 (upp-int.) What level is it? Thanks for answer.
Sincerely, Tatyana.

Good day Tatyana, The aim of

Good day Tatyana,
The aim of this site is to help you learn, understand and speak English. Your English is quite good but you need to learn more. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind,and I will correct your grammar next time if you don't mind me doing so :).


Hi, thanks for answer and

thanks for answer and help. I'll be glad to get communication with really native speaker. Will be good to know my mistakes in grammar and speak English right. How can we do it for example in this site? Thanks.
Best regards. Tatyana.

You're welcome Tatyana. You

You're welcome Tatyana. You can browse this site and take a tour of the tutorials and tests. It's my pleasure to help you correct your English in any way I can. For example, instead of saying "I'll be glad to get communication with really native speaker", you should say, "I'm really glad to be able to communicate with a native speaker". Hope this helps you.
Truly yours,


well,just ask from

well,just ask from native-speaker(our moderator) some questions about grammar for instance,monitor after his sentence construction and do remember.Also ask about what you cannot get(understand) in english.You will get a great experience as well as me, but you must learn english out of this site too(I mean about courses,tutor, etc ) if you want to understand and speak english well.And we will help to you in that, cos this is our aim - help in study english.
С уважением, куратор проекта Tomeng.

How do you do,Tatyana?

How do you do,Tatyana? Welcome to the site.
It means your test result is upper-intermediate.It is your level of knowledge of english according to the Cambridge Test. Next level is Pre-advanced and the final level is Advanced.
But this forum topic was created for questions to the native-speaker and she will reply,I'm sure.
If you want to have a word with the native-speaker here you are very welcome! It's a good way to practice your english.
Thanks for your question,and please feel free to ask any others.

С уважением, куратор проекта Tomeng.

really?ok,thanks a lot for

really?ok,thanks a lot for the info,I got it all.I saw in Russia only flash cards and I think it almost the same.
Томск по-английски-Tomeng!

Yes they are. They have the

Yes they are. They have the same use and characteristics.

A thumb drive is portable

A thumb drive is portable memory storage in the form of a device you can connect to the usb port of a computer.The devices are small,about the size of a human thumb-hence their name-and are very stable memory storage devices.It's re-writable and holds it's memory without a power supply,unlike RAM.Thumb drives will fit into any usb port on a computer.They will also "hot swap",which means the user can plug the device into a computer and will not have to restart it to access the thumb drive.
It's function is the same as a hard drive but it has a small storage capacity like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB. It's very convenient and easy to use.They are ideal for almost any computer user who wants safe,long term storage for a low price. You can carry it anywhere anytime.

Hello,Gloria!How are u

Hello,Gloria!How are u doing?Can I ask you?What does it mean, the word -"thumbdrive"?


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