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Hi! it's my first practice

Hi! it's my first practice to chat with people on English, plese help me join in your comunication. I want very much to increase my reserve of english words. Yoa can write on my mail, ekaterina_mazina@mail.ru or my icq 401774544.I look forward your messages:)

Hello; I'm the moderator of

Hello; I'm the moderator of this site. My name is Dan and you can find out about me at khaochai.com. Now, let's look at your message. See if you can find my edits. Your written English is quite good. Hi! It's my first attempt to chat with people in English. Please help me to join in your correspondence. I want very much to increase my English vocabulary. You can write to me at my email address: ekaterina_mazina@mail.ru or at my icq 401774544. I look forward your messages. PS Google on "1000 most common English words."

Hello!!! Help me, please

Hello!!! Help me, please ^_^
I wanna know English very much, but I have no any practice :( So I want to met a person with whom I can talk about different subjects and improve my level of English :) Something about me: I'm a pretty, young and clever girl :) Something about you: doesn't depend.
I'm looking forward to meeting you :) Please, write me on my e-mail: jov-2007@yandex.ru

Hello Olya: I answered your

Hello Olya: I answered your message yesterday but for some unknown reason it didn't post. If you want to correspond to improve your English you can catch me on Skype. My ID is Khundanny.



Let's communicate and

Let's communicate and improve our English!

Hello IVS_DJVC! I agree with

I agree with you. Communicating or conversing with other people using the English language will help you improve your English skills either speaking or writing or both. So, I recommend that you continue encouraging people here in the forum to have a nice chat using English language. Keep it up!

Hello! I listen to English

Hello! I listen to English lessons every day. It helps me to understand English speech. I wish to write well English. That can you advise about it?

Hi everybody!!! Let's

Hi everybody!!!
Let's communicate English



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