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All beginners face this question. I'm too. I study English - learn grammatical rules, listen to english books, but I can do nothing on my own pronunciation. How do you improve your own pronunciation? I need your advices.

Find a computer dictionary

Find a computer dictionary program with verbal word pronunciation and say it along with the computer. Most places where you can buy programs and games should have something that will help. Hang out with native speakers. Best to choose well-spoken ones, though: English is famous for being badly pronounced by some of its own speakers. ============================== Learn cisco course for get all knowledge about cisco world.

Anastasia: As an native

As an native speaker it is very easy to mimic other native accents. For example if you would listen to me speak Englsh you probably would have a difficult time trying to tie my accent to a particular part of the USA, i.e., the South, New England, Midwest, etc.. But, I can mimic those acccents quite easily because I'm familiar with them; having heard them during my travels and listened to them on TV and movies.

"Y'all cum back now, yuhear," said in a slow elongated manner gets you pretty close to a Southern US accent. Likewise, taking a nasal approach will mimic a British RP accent. Of course, you need to be familiar with the pronunciation of selected words and phases; "Gu-day, mate" comes very close to an Australian accent when you want to say hello to a friend.

So ... , don't you do the same thing when you have fun with Russian accents? You can mimic the Ukranian accent, the Georgian accent, etc. And, when you mimic those accents, you find your mouth, teeth, tongue, lips and breathing behaving differently than when you speak normally. When you read English outloud you only hear yourself. Speech therapists will work with their clients to train their speaking muscles to make sounds that they are not able to make.

My wife is from Thailand. She, like most Thais, has difficulty pronouncing the English "v"(vee). When she wants to say the word "very" ( VER-eee), it comes out as "wery" (WHERE- eee). Why? Because her speaking muscles have not been trained to make the VEE sound.

So it goes with you. The simplest way to improve your pronunciation is to listen to someone speaking English words and then repeat them outloud to yourself. However, try to stick with one accent, i.e., American, British, Australian, Indian, etc. Don't jump from one to the other.

I also recommend getting a reference book that concentrates on speech training. I like "American Accent Training (Book and Audio CD, 2nd Edition) by Ann Cook (Audio CD - Sep 1, 2000)' and 'Speak English Like an American (Book & Audio CD set) by Amy Gillett (Paperback - Feb 2007)". Notice that both references come with accompanying CDs. Both are available on Amazon.com.

Give it your best shot and before long you'll sound just like me!!

Good Luck!


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