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There is a phrase I can't

There is a phrase I can't translate in russian "Sound off like you got a pair!" Help plz!

Wow! An interesting phrase

Wow! An interesting phrase indeed. Actually, this is military expression. It is used when soldiers are required to shout out their names or serial numbers, or just "counting off" in formation. "Sound off" means "shout." "Like you got a pair" means like a man. The word "pair" refers to a mans testicles, thereby indicating that the person shouting better make an effort to sound like a man as opposed to the higher pitched female voice.

Hello Julia: Sorry to be so

Hello Julia: Sorry to be so late in answering your question. Just put your translation here and I will correct it and post the corrected copy. Or, you can send it to my skype ID (khundanny) and I will do the same. You'll have more privacy using skype.

Bye the way, are you the Julia who has an Australian boyfriend named Mark?

Yes, I am :-)))) And you are

Yes, I am :-)))) And you are Danny who live in Tailand?) Nice to meet you! How are you? Thanks very much but I no need it more. Mark's parents helped me with this translation :)

Hello Julia: Nice to meet

Hello Julia: Nice to meet you too. Try this for your 4th sentence: "Thanks very much but I don't need it (i.e., the translation) anymore." The rest of your reply is excellent. I suppose you will be learning an Australian accent. So, ... g'day, mate!

Thanks for correction my

Thanks for correction my sentences! Im not really good with gramma :) Have you ever been in Russia ?? In Tomsk? How things going with this site? There are not many ppl how I see... G'day!))

Hi again Julia: Don't be

Hi again Julia:

Don't be alarmed about your knowledge of grammar. The average America probably knows less than you do about it. It is a complicated subject. Yes, I am discouraged about the dialog activity on the site. I would like to see more questions and comments from students. But, as the site becomes more popular, the activity should increase.

I have never been to Russia but would dearly like to visit before I get to old to travel. I would like to teach English anywhere in Russia. I have my own web site where I advertise myself as a pro-bono teacher. In case you don't know the term, pro bono means "without fee" or "free." I'm looking for short term work almost anywhere for up to 3 months. Just provide a ticket and the essentials and I'll be there in a New York minute.

I hope you're paying attention to my use of idioms and current expressions. Now for your homework:

Make formulas for the simple present, past and future tenses. Use the terms: S = subject. V1 = simple present tense, V2 = simple past tense and C = the remainder of the sentence.

Use a similiar set of sentences (as follows) as you example:

I eat rice; I ate rice and I will eat rice. Good luck.

Your corrections:

Thanks for correcting my sentences! I'm not really good with gramma :) Have you ever been in Russia ?? In Tomsk? How are things going with this site? There are not many people using it. G'day!))

Take care and hang in there.

sure you can!

sure you can!

Hello everybody! I want to

Hello everybody! I want to ask about translation one text. I want to type some text for my english boyfriend. Im not sure if my translation is correct. Can i type text and my translation here?


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