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It sounds like "shud'ah" but it's really "should have" or "should've."
It sounds like "cud'ah" but it's really "could have" or "could've."
It sounds like "wud'ah" but it's really "would have" or "would've."

Let's look at the expression "would like to." "Would" is, of course, one of the eleven modal verbs in the English language.

We use the expression "would like to" to express a wish or to give and accept an invitation.

Look at these examples:

Would you like to go to the movies?
Yes, I would. I like (love) going to the movies.
Great. Where would you like to meet?
Let's meet at Mr. Donuts, near the theater.
What time would you like to meet?

The expression "shud'ah, cud'ah, wud'ah" is used to express a regret.

Don't you wish you should've studied harder in high school?

Shud'ah, cud'ah, wud'ah. Can't worry about that now. It's water over the damn.


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