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Hello students of the English language and welcome:

My name is Daniel Carbaugh. My adult students call me "Dan". I am a qualified TEFL instructor who specializes in teaching American English as a second language. After I retired from my first career in 2007, I decided to start a second career in ESL. My motivation was to remain mentally active in an area that interested me and would keep the juices flowing. Since I have long dabbeled with foreign languages in various countries, it wasn't difficult to decide what I wanted to do ... help those who want to improve their English skills.

As an ESL Instructor, I offer online and traditional classroom tutoring in American English to persons who desire to increase their ability to speak, read and write American English. I also offer 3 month pro bono ESL instruction in almost any country.

In brief, you should know the following about me:

I am an USA senior citizen and native speaker of American English.
I live in the USA and Thailand. My wife is a Thai citizen
I was awarded a TEFL certificate and license in Bangkok, Thailand in 2008.
I am conversational in Spanish and Thai; I have studied German and French
I am a guest teacher at a local high school when in the USA
I conduct ESL sessions online and in the classroom.
I contract ESL instruction pro bono to NGOs in almost any country.
I am the moderator of the Russian-English site tomeng.ru.

International students study with me on-line. In order to become an on-line student you must have the following;

Access to a personal computer (Pentium 3 or better)
Headset or speaker
Skype or Yahoo Messenger software application.
PayPal account or by WesternUnion
Selected Text books and AV media
In addition we must reconcile a schedule that is convenient to both of us.

My fee for on-line sessions is USD 10 per 55 min class.


I conduct traditional classes at either my home or yours for no more than four students. I will conduct classes in public or private schools for larger classes.

Ask me for more information: khundanny@yahoo.com or Skype:khundanny


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Have a Good Holiday Time People!
Happy Easter!
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