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Building your English vocabulary can be a tedious task. But, when you discover a new word, its opposite meaning can instantly double your list. Of course, opposites are associated with adjectives, adverbs, verbs ans prepositions. Rarely do you find opposites in other parts of speech.

Look at these new words and try to guess their opposites (answers at the end):

1. modest
2. float
3. tolerant
4. stingy
5. temperamental
6. supportive
7. egotistical
8. sociable
9. easy going
10. sweet


1. vain
2. sink
3. intolerant
4. generous
5. easy going
6. unreliable
7. Low self esteem
8. hermit like
9. up-tight
10. sour

Can you think of other words that are opposite to the meaning of the words in the first list? There are many. Good Luck!


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