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More Phrases and Expressions

Guess which words fit in the blanks to complete each key sentence. Answers are at the bottom!

1. This means to cook a soup, stew, or sauce on low heat, so that it just bubbles a little bit:

“After that, you just have to ___ it for an hour or so.”

2. What can you call a machine that doesn't work well?

“This thing is such a ___ ___ ___!”

3. Ask a question this way when you think that the answer is probably "no":

“Did I leave my camera at your place, ___ ___ ___?”

4. This means that you don't have much money right now:

“I'm pretty ___ ___ ___ myself.”

5. How can you talk about the way that people think about you?

“She can ___ ___ ___ stuck up at first.”

6. This is a way to ask a question that you're supposed to know the answer to already:

“When is it ___?”

The Answers!!!

“After that, you just have to simmer it for an hour or so.”

“This thing is such a piece of junk!”

“Did I leave my camera at your place, by any chance?”

“I'm pretty strapped for cash myself.”

“She can come across as stuck up at first.”

“When is it again?”

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